FUEL Soccer Talk for 12/17: Cal North’s Rebate Program, Ousmane Dembele’s “Weak Foot” Goal, and the Rules of Soccer

This morning we’re starting the week with a look at Cal North’s rebate program, Ousmane Dembele’s crazy “weak foot” goal, and an interesting look at the history of the rules of the game.

Happy Monday, we hope to start your week off right with some great stories.

1. Cal North Gives Back $18,000 to Local Leagues and Clubs (Cal North Youth Soccer)

Cal North offered a special rebate program that rewarded leagues and clubs over the course of the last year. The leagues and clubs received credit for every player that was registered online, and, as a result, online registrations were at an all time high.

“Historically, online registration has accounted for under half of Cal North registration, and the hope was that this incentive would encourage our members to take advantage of the opportunity to register online.”

Last week those league and clubs were rewarded for their efforts. 300 leagues and clubs contributed to over 60% of Cal North registrations and $18,807.90 was credited back to the member accounts.

“Based on the size of the club and number of players registered, clubs should expect to see a credit of up to $1,000 included in their state fees section of our registration system.”

They encourage more leagues and clubs to continue their online registrations. This was an amazing way in which to enhance their technological footprint as well as to give back to their league. We applaud them for their efforts.

Would you want to see this rebate program implemented in your league? How would you go about getting more online registrations?

2. Ousmane Dembele Completely Fakes Defender en Route to Goal (BR Football)

Ousmane Dembele displayed his pace, blazing passed his defender, faking a shot to leave the defender sliding on the floor before burying the shot with the other foot. What a great display of skill.

Who do you think is the fastest soccer player?

3. History of the Rules of Soccer (IFAB)

It is always interesting to see how the sport of soccer has evolved over time. The International Football Association Board has created a great timeline of different rule changes over time, we will highlight a few, but make sure to check out the link above to see the full list.

  • Offside: Although offside was included in the original 1863 rules, but it was completely different from what we know it as today. “Back then any attacker ahead of the ball was effectively offside. This meant that the tactical arrangements of the time tended to feature up to eight forwards”
  • Goal Kicks: Introduced in 1869. Corner kicks followed in 1872, these additions helped the game improve to what it has become today
  • First Whistle: A whistle had been used for the first time by a referee in 1878. Imagine a game without the officiator having a whistle, it must have been interesting back in this day
  • Penalties: in the early generation, it was assumed that gentlemen raised in an English public school would never commit a foul on another player, deliberately. The more competitive the game of soccer became, the more necessary penalties became. They were introduced in 1891 and were originally known as the “Kick of Death.”
  • Red and Yellow Cards: imagine a game without these, they are such an important part of the game, and yet they weren’t implemented until the 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

Make sure to check out the whole article, we left a lot out!

Which rule did you find to be most surprising in relation to time implemented?