FUEL Soccer Talk for 10/5: Crazy Soccer Announcers, Player of the Game, and More!

Today we’re talking about this amazing video of an Argentinian soccer announcer, a cool Player of the Game program for youth teams, and more!

It’s Friday, and that means another weekend of solid game play. Are you ready and motivated for the weekend?

1. There’s So Much Going On In Soccer Announcer’s Goal Call For Ivan Rakitic (HuffPost)

Let’s start with a fun one. This one has been making its way up and down social media all morning. Listen to this guy go:

The idea of that guy calling our game is enough to get us motivated for the game this week. May we all enjoy life as much as this guy enjoys calling goals.

Motivation: How do you celebrate your victories on the field? 

2. Heroes at heart: Harrisburg soccer team finds higher calling (Argus Leader)

We love these stories about teams giving back to the community. The Argus Leader brings us this story of a Player of the Game program that gives children with special needs the experience of being a star soccer player.

“Understanding how significant it is for her son to be recognized, the coach organized the pregame ceremony as a way to give special needs students who are passionate about soccer an opportunity to experience the moment of walking onto the field before a game.”

As cool as this program is, it’s actually one of many that the team does every year.

“Each season, the team tries to work in at least 3-4 volunteer experiences. This year, their volunteer work took them to the Harrisburg Food Pantry and the Ronald McDonald House.”

Being a part of a soccer team is so much more than just playing the game, and we love when teams use their organization and leadership skills to do something special for the community.

Community Leaders: How does your team give back to the community? Do you participate in any local volunteer programs?

3. Nonprofit opens access to soccer for Richmond’s growing Latino community (Richmond Time-Dispatch)

And last, another great story. This is the perfect example of how just a little bit of work from players can go a long way.

“Now in its sixth year, the free soccer clinic has become the staple of King’s nonprofit Richmond Conexiones. Roughly $1,500 in donations allows about 10 volunteer coaches to train as many as 50 children of all ages each summer.”

The program helps underprivileged local players get into an organized play environment. But even the relatively small number of donations they received allowed them to reach 50 kids. That’s potentially 50 new soccer players for life, 50 new team mates to bolster your squad. And there’s a huge potential for more out there.

“In the United States, King said, playing soccer is something that is generally enjoyed by middle-class or upper-middle-class people who can afford travel games. The Sports & Fitness Industry Association found that American households with more than $100,000 in annual income currently account for 35 percent of soccer players, compared with 11 percent from households earning $25,000 or less, according to The New York Times.”

That means there’s a huge audience out there just waiting to join the game. And we love programs like this that reach directly out there and put the game in player’s hands.

Game Power: How are you helping bring the game of soccer to new players?

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