FUEL Soccer Talk for 11/16: Missouri’s European Tour, MLS Cup Playoffs Highlights, and Habits for Successful Players

This morning we’re talking about this Missouri team’s trip overseas to Scotland, some excelent MLS Cup Playoff Highlights, and some helpful tips for successful players.

1. Missouri Youth Soccer Team ODP set to tour Scotland in Summer 2019. (Missouri Soccer)

Missouri Youth Soccer partnered with a company to send teams to Scotland where they will scrimmage and watch pro games.

Jeff Muhr, Director of Coaching & Player Development explains the awesome activities the team has in store for their trip.

“We will play 4 friendly matches, plus see a pro game, and we’ll be doing plenty of touring and sightseeing while we’re in Scotland. Some of the awesome inclusions of this trip Edinburgh city tour, professional stadium tour, Edinburgh Castle, Glasgow, Stirling, and St Andrew’s!”

ODP has partnered with Worldstrides Excel to make this trip happen. Going abroad with your team is a great way to build team chemistry.

If you and your team could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


2. Daniel Royer cements his team’s victory with his second goal to put NY up 3-0, he celebrates with a cartwheel into a backflip! (Twitter)

This happened in the MLS Cup Playoffs – Eastern Conference Semifinals!

What is the craziest celebration you’ve ever seen?

3. 7 Good habits that lead to success on and off the field. (Soccer Today)

Success is achieved through dedication, passion, and a variety of other factors. Success doesn’t happen overnight , Daniel McKell explains 7 tips useful in guiding youth players.

Daniel Mckell is a former professional player turned coach and has experience guiding young players. When discussing the importance of guiding the youth, he says:

“As a parent, it’s important to understand the role you can play in helping your son or daughter become a successful athlete”

Here are 7 tips:

  1. It Takes Time
  2. Practice at Home
  3. Practice Hard, Play Even Harder
  4. Be Disciplined
  5. Guide, Then Let Go
  6. Be Understanding, But Be Honest
  7. Let Them Shine in their Own Way

For example, when Mckell discusses practicing at home the main reasoning is:

“To teach players a work ethic that will develop all year long.”

There are an abundance of tips and habits valuable to youth players, which habit do you think is most integral to youth development?