FUEL Soccer Talk for 9/28: Football vs Soccer, Team Rivalries, and Mental Health

FUEL Soccer Talk for 11/19: Iowa Soccer and Blue Star’s Game-Changing Tech, Pro Highlights, and Kangaroos on the Pitch

This morning we’re talking about Iowa Soccer and Blue Star’s amazing new technology partnership, some amazing highlights from the pros, and a hilarious clip from down under.

It’s Thanksgiving week! Enjoy the weather and these soccer stories.

1. Iowa Soccer and Blue Star Sports Announce Game-Changing Technology Partnership (Iowa Soccer)

Blue Star Sports and Iowa Soccer Association announced a multi-year technology partnership with one another. Blue Star Sports is the largest and fastest growing global provider of sports technology.

“The game-changing association management platform, known as U.S. Soccer Connect, is a technology and data-driven solution that will improve operations, engagement, connectivity and communications with Iowa Soccer’s affiliate clubs and their leaders.”

Iowa Soccer seeks to improve their technological usage and with Blue Star they will be able to utilize their unmatched suite of products including roster management, scheduling, communications, video analysis, and much more.

“Our goal at Blue Star Sports is to revolutionize youth sports and build technology solutions that were never thought possible just a few years ago in partnership with leading youth sports organizations.”

We are excited to see how Iowa Soccer utilizes the Blue Star Sports suite. Technology is the way of the future, and people can choose to embrace it or let it pass by the wayside.

How do you think technology can improve the game of soccer? What sort of technology do you expect to be implemented in the future?

2. João Cancelo with a perfect curved pass around defender (Leonardofgsilva)

You could watch this pass all day. João Cancelo satisfyingly curves a pass around a defender. It lands perfectly in front of his teammate while they are running in stride.

Truly an incredible bit of skill. To perfectly execute this in the middle of a game is astonishing.

What is your favorite move to pull of in-game?

3. Kangaroos interrupt Australian youth soccer game(UPI)

A soccer game in Australia was interrupted by Kangaroos. 

Alyssa Simpson captured the moment while she was attending her 9 year old son’s soccer game.

“‘That’s who you’re playing against today,’ Simpson joked.”

We wonder how common this is in Australia.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen on the soccer field?