FUEL Soccer Talk 11/30: HBC Rovers’ Sportsmanship, Florian Thauvin’s Goal, U.S. U-20 Team Wins Big

Happy Friday! Here’s what we’re talking about going into the weekend.

1. HBC Rovers provide a lesson in sportsmanship everyone can learn from (Eastern New York)

A coveted award that many teams aim for in addition to winning the championship is the sportsmanship award. The HBC Rovers demonstrated excellent sportsmanship with their actions on the field against their opponents Elwood LI Sound.

Outmatched, their opponents only had 9 players for the match. So how did the Rovers respond?

“Rather than play 11 vs. 9, HBC coaches Mike Martin, Sue Stewart, Julie Thayer and Dave Bobker did the very sporting thing and only fielded nine players, leaving five players on the bench that they rotated in as substitutes.”

It’s great to see that even in a competitive environment teams and coaches display amazing sportsmanship towards their opponents.

What is the greatest display of sportsmanship you have seen?

2. Great ball movement with a cross field pass leads to Florian Thauvin tying the game. (Reddit)

Amiens 1-[1] Marseille – Florian Thauvin 26′ from soccer

That was an excellent downfield pass that led to the goal.

What is the best ball movement you have seen?

3. USMNT U-20 beats Mexico and 2 players receive recognition (Soccer Wire)

The U-20 team has become the champion of the Concacaf Under-20 Championship. This is their second straight title.

The dominance of our young talent internationally is a good indicator for future success on the world stage. These young stars will be the next leaders of the USMNT.

Among these futures stars is Brady Scott who received the Golden Glove awards.

“After scoring both U.S. goals in the Final to finish the CU20 with eight goals, U.S. midfielder Alex Mendez was named the winner of the Scotiabank Golden Ball”

Alex Sanchez also received recognition.

Who is your favorite player in the U-20 team?