Fuel Soccer Talk: Allie Long talks about how club toughened her up; Tips for finding the right college; Video lesson of the day

Allie Long says club coach helped make her gritty, tough

Allie Long, a midfielder currently playing for the Reign FC of the National Women’s Soccer League, has made 45 appearances for the United States women’s national soccer team. She talked with Fuel Soccer about how her club coach helped make her the gritty, tough player she is today.

In her youth, Long played for the Northport Cow Harbor Mustangs of the Long Island Junior Soccer League before ultimately landing at Albertson Soccer Club, where she helped the Albertson Express to four straight State Open Cups under the guidance of Adrian Gaitan. Long still gives a big assist to Gaitan as the most influential coach of her career.

“He helped teach me the game and how to be mentally strong at such a young age,” she said. “I still seek out his advice even today and I was so fortunate to have such a good coach at Albertson. Coaches today can’t yell at players like they used to and he was always brutally honest with me and he was always right and I really appreciated that he was honest with me. Sometimes you don’t want to hear it but it helped make me a tough, gritty player and I owe him so much in my career.”

Author offers tips on matching the student with the right college

John B. Boshoven, M.A., M.S.W., L.P.C. is the author of the book “Solving the College Admissions Puzzle: A Guide for Students and Families About College Selection, Essay Writing, and High-Stakes Testing.” Boshoven gives some advice about what parents need to consider off the pitch when choosing a college. 

What are some things students don’t consider (that they should) when choosing a college? “Does the college have the programs the student MAY be looking for? How often might he or she want to come home? What difference does the size of college make? Often, private colleges can be LESS expensive than state schools, would they consider checking those out as well?”

How much of your advice is financial? “I am not a financial adviser, but the cost of college is an important consideration. Also, does the student know of the parents’ ability/willingness to pay for college? It can be an “unspoken” topic that needs to be talked about!”

Video Lesson: Getting defensive – Drills to make you a better fullback

7MLC Training offers some excellent training videos. Here is one working on three individual training drills to help you become a better fullback. In this session they involve a variety of essential attributes including passing & receiving, turning, dribbling and fitness. Add these drills to your training sessions and feel the improvement on the pitch. For more from 7MLC Training

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