Fuel Soccer Talk: Article shows inequality starts at the top; Soccer on the tennis court; Video for defenders

Some things to kick around during the week!

Lack of leadership roles for women in soccer needs to be changed

Tennis players get their kicks during a match

If you haven’t seen this, check it out. It’s amazing!
Literally no one:@benoitpaire & @tsonga7 playing football in the middle of a tennis match: #NoventiOpen19 😂

Video: When should a defender use skills?

People spend a lot of time on YouTube. I know I do – I just type in Bruce Springsteen or Manchester City soccer or classic Tonight Show clips and I’m on there for hours – where does the time go? But there also are educational opportunities on YouTube. I found this video on soccer skills for defenders that was very well done and helpful for young soccer players. Goal scorers get all the attention so it’s nice to see some love given to those defending. Anyway, check this out and Mr. Mikey Infinity’s other videos.


LET’S TALK: OK, now you’ve read what’s on my mind…what are your thoughts on the above or any other “football” happenings?

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