FUEL Soccer Talk for 9/28: Football vs Soccer, Team Rivalries, and Mental Health

FUEL Soccer Talk for 1/8: Emily Menges gives Youth Soccer Clinic for Charity, David Luiz Backheel Pass, Six New Year’s Resolutions for Soccer

We’re moving right along through the week, here are some stories we’ve put together for you.

1. Portland Thorns Defender Emily Menges Gives a Youth Soccer Clinic in Garden City That Benefits Charity (Eastern NY Soccer)

Portland Thorns defender Emily Menges returned to her home of Garden City, Long Island and ran a clinic for 100 girls. The girls ranged from grades 2 to 11 and the clinic was held at the St. Paul’s Athletic Complex on December 22nd.

“I grew up in this gym, playing pickup and soccer in the winter. I remember the girls that used to come back and run clinics and I looked up to them.”

Emily played for the Garden City Centennial Soccer Club growing up, which had over 2100 players in total. She was on the Garden City Blue Devils and was captain of the ALbertson Fury ’91 where she won three consecutive State Open Cups from 2009 to 2011.

“The $9,800 raised from the clinic benefits the I’m Not Done Yet Foundation, set up by the Menges family, which helps adolescent and young adult patients with cancer and other serious, chronic and long-term illnesses as they transition from pediatrics to adults.”

We always applaud events like this one, giving back to the community all the while supporting a great cause. This was a truly commendable act by Emily Menges and we thank her and everyone involved for what they have done.

Have you seen players return to your local community for a good cause? If so, tell us about the event. 

2. David Luiz Steals Ball and Kicks Backheel Pass

David Luiz contends and steals the ball and ensues to kick a perfectly placed backheel pass to a teammate right before the ball goes out of bounds. A beautiful play.

3. Six New Year’s Resolutions Every Soccer Player Should Make (TheSoccerStore)

  1. I will Work on my Technique at every opportunity – constant practice on technique is the only way to improve. If you think you have perfected a technique, you will suddenly stop improving as there is always work that can be done.
  2. I will Maintain a Healthy Body Weight
  3. I will Work on my Strength and Conditioning throughout the year – strength and conditioning is not something that necessitates going to a gym or even practicing on a field. There are exercises that can be done at home that are effective in training both.
  4. Watch more soccer – by watching soccer you are learning from the best of the best. These players have practiced to the point to where they are professional players. Learn from them and try to add things to your game.
  5. Be a better teammate – do not just focus on the development of yourself, focus on the development of others as well. At the end of the day, soccer is a team sport, and if you are helping your team improve, you are putting everyone in the best position to win.
  6. Get enough Sleep every night – sleep is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern.

What are your resolutions for soccer for 2019?