Fuel Soccer Talk: More from the great Rose; Video Lesson on mastering the pass

More from Rose: U.S. women’s star first played center mid in club soccer

Rose Lavelle was a standout player for five years with the Cincinnati United Premier Soccer Club, a program she joined in eighth grade and stayed with through high school. Lavelle has some sound advice for players looking to find that right club team.

“Sometimes you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable and that might mean going to a team that is going to challenge you more than the team you are on at the moment,” she said. “In the end it will make you a better player.”

It all comes down to what your goals are with club soccer. “You have to find the right fit,” Lavelle says. “You also have to understand what your own commitment level is going to be and find the right place that is going to make you happy, challenge you and make you the best player you can be.”

What was playing club soccer like and what did you take from that experience? “Our first tournament we traveled to was the Disney Showcase and that was so much fun. Club soccer was a very competitive environment and we had some awesome players on our team. It was the first time I had ever played center midfield and I had no clue what I was doing. Now I can’t imagine playing anywhere else.”

Video Lesson: Mastering the different aspects of passing

There are plenty of good passing drill videos to watch and here is a really good one. Variety of three player passing drills. Number of great drills to help master the different aspects of passing the ball (weight of pass, 1 and 2 touch). From Dave 1 on 1 – more great videos HERE

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