Fuel Soccer Talk: Pulisic the perfect role model; a model daily meal plan for players to follow; video corner is an all-time classic

Christian Pulisic’s handling of lack of playing time is a lesson for all

There has been plenty of attention focused on Christian Pulisic and his lack of playing time in the Premier League. And while he did contribute a quality assist in Sunday’s 4-1 victory at Southampton during which he played 10 minutes, it has been a bit baffling as to why the American star isn’t getting more time on the pitch.

He has handled it well and there is a lesson there for all players – take the high road. He has expressed his frustration but done it the right way: “Obviously, I haven’t been getting as many minutes as I would like,” he said. “I will just keep going, keep pushing. I know my time’s going to come.”

He’s one of the bright stars in American soccer and it’s all part of the growing pains for a player trying to perform on the greatest stage against the greatest players in the world.

Players at all levels – club, high school, college – should not only try to play like Pulisic on the pitch but also be like him off it as well. He’s a very hard worker, student of the game and respects not only his teammates but coaches and opponents. In other words, he’s a class act on and off the pitch.

He’s the perfect role model for American soccer players of all ages. And like he says, his time will come.

Michael Bradley, a U.S. national team midfielder, said it best:

“What did anybody expect, you know? People thought he was going to walk in and play 90 minutes every single game? That’s not how it works. He is going to move himself along in the right ways. It’s not gone exactly how he would have hoped or envisioned so far, but that’s all part of it.”


Become Elite kicks up a daily meal play – for an off day

Young players, parents and coaches should subscribe to Matt Sheldon’s Become Elite channel on YouTube. First, here is the link – SUBSCRIBE

The aim of Become Elite is for young soccer players to follow the daily life of Matt Sheldon, a professional soccer player for Saint Louis FC, and to learn from his mentality, daily training, and workouts via YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

In this episode he lays out his daily eating plan. “Some days I’ll have much higher carbs and lower fats other days, like the day in this video, I’ll have much higher fat and lower carbs,” he says. “This is not what my diet is every single day, this is just a random snapshot of my diet as a whole. I eat different meals every single day and my calories, protein, carbs, and fats all fluctuate slightly. There’ll be days where I have close to 400 grams of carbs and less fat and days like I’m the video where my carbs are slightly lowered and fats inflated. Every day is different!”

Video Corner: Some of the best headers of all-time

Since we have covered how to act off the pitch (Pulisic) and what to eat off the pitch (Sheldon), let’s have some fun on the pitch. Here is a fun video on the best headers of all-time. Enjoy!!!

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