Fuel Soccer Talk: Putting your own interests aside for the team; Row your way to a great aerobic workout; Video Lesson – Treadmill training

UNC’s Anson Dorrance on senior leadership

When legendary coach Anson Dorrance took over the North Carolina women’s soccer program 39 years ago he had a simple philosophy that playing time was earned not entitled. The best players played regardless of what grade they were in and that philosophy has never changed over the four decades in which the Tar Heels have won 20 National Championships.

Here is what Dorrance says about senior captains putting their own interests aside for the sake of the team:

“It’s where the nobility of your leadership is tested. If you truly are a leader then you don’t let prejudice or your own self-interests creep in to how you treat a freshman. You embrace your role and support the team in its goals and mission even if that means less playing time for you. Competitive athletics comes down to who wins the playing time and who wins the spot. Some seniors feel they are entitled to playing time because they are seniors and I’ve had some like that over the years. But it doesn’t work like that nor should it. If the freshman is clearly better, you play the freshman.” 

In the gym: Rowing machine provides a good aerobic workout

Most machines you find at the gym are designed to train specific muscles—usually a primary muscle and one or more secondary muscles. They often have charts right on the machine that shows which muscles are getting the bulk of the work.

For example, the chest press machine works your pectorals and shoulders, while the leg curl machine hits your quadriceps and hamstrings. So depending on the muscles you want to train, every machine is effective in its own way.

One of the most effective machines in the gym – espeically if you don’t have a lot of time – is the rowing machine. Like running or swimming, “rowing is a good aerobic workout that fires up your heart and lungs,” Chris Gagliardi, a certified personal trainer and weight management coach with the American Council on Exercise, told Time magazine earlier this year.

Rowing also trains a diverse set of muscles.

“You drive through your hips and legs to start the rowing movement, you have to activate your core to maintain posture, and then you have arm, shoulder and back involvement,” he explains. “It’s really a great workout.”

Life in the fast lane: Getting the most out of your treadmill workouts

Since we’re at the gym … most of us (at least I do) head right for the treadmill when we walk into the gym. But how do you get the most out of the treadmill?

If you aren’t currently using HIIT as part of your fat loss regimen, then you’re missing out, says fitness expert Jeremy Ethier. In this treadmill sprints workout, Ethier shows how to properly do HIIT training on the treadmill. “I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding the best way to do treadmill sprints, how to safely get off the treadmill during rest intervals, and ideal treadmill settings to start at,” he says. “In this video I will be addressing all of the above.”

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