Fuel Soccer Talk: There is a lesson in Pulisic’s hat track; Breaking down the penalty kick; What’s up with chocolate milk?

Patience and hard work pays off for Christian Pulisic

Welcome to the Premiere League, Mr. Pulisic.

There is one number we should all remember when it comes to American Christian Pulisic. And that’s 21 – the age of this incredible footballer.

There also is one word we should remember – patience.

Some great lessons here for those sitting on the bench for their club teams or trying to get into the starting lineup on your high school team or wondering why you can’t get on the pitch for the big matches. It’s usually not because the coach doesn’t like you. It’s more often because you haven’t earned it.

And at the level Pulisic is playing and for the club he represents, you earn it during practice. Maybe there was something Frank Lampard wasn’t seeing on a consistent basis from the young American. Or maybe he was teaching him that in the English Premiere League you earn your time on the pitch and this lesson will make you better in the long-term.

This past weekend against Burnley, Pulisic scored his first goal for Chelsea. Then he scored his second and then a third. A hat trick for the American. A star wasn’t born at Turf Moor but Pulisic has certainly put himself in the spotlight.

Kids, you have to earn it. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In the long run, Pulisic’s start in the Premiere League will only make him stronger.

FourFourTwo: Documentary on the challenges of a penalty kick

A World Cup penalty shoot-out: for the players it’s the ultimate test of nerve and skill, for fans it’s time to watch between your fingers and pray for divine intervention. But why is it so hard for an elite footballer to score a free shot from 12 yards?

Through interviews with journalists, psychologists, players and goalkeepers, FourFourTwo delves deep into the science of the spot-kick.

Chocolate Milk: Nature’s recovery beverage

OK, what’s up with chocolate milk? It seems to be the “in drink” for young athletes these days. In Michigan, the public address announcers read a commercial for chocolate milk during every playoff game.

Turns out, chocolate milk is the perfect recovery beverage. Chocolate milk is called nature’s recovery beverage because it provides a natural source of high-quality protein, which helps build lean muscles, as well as the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein to help tired muscles after a hard workout.

Chocolate milk has an abundance of necessary nutrients that children require for healthy growth and development, including protein, calcium, Vitamin D, and potassium. Unfortunately, we are blinded by sugar!  Many parents hear the word chocolate and think sugar. These thoughts may override the important nutrients present in chocolate milk.  Rest assured, the good nutrients outweigh the sugar, as long as balance is kept in the overall diet.

Here is a good article breaking down the pros and cons – DRINK UP!

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