Professional Player Spotlights

Lynn Williams, USWNT

Lynn Williams is one of the faces fans are going to see a lot more of.

On the Rise on the World Stage
By Terry Jacoby

There is a youth movement going on in women’s soccer and Lynn Williams is one of the faces fans are going to see a lot more of over the next few years. It’s a face that has overcome indifference and injuries to reach the highest level.

After the USA left the recent Olympics without any hardware, the coaching staff decided to go younger, faster, stronger. And after a breakout season in just her second NWSL season, Williams seems to be a perfect fit for the new direction.

What about soccer grabbed your attention?

“I started playing soccer when I was 5. I was a kid with a lot of energy so my parents put me into sports at an early age. I also come from a sports family so soccer was kind of a natural for me to try. I also ran track at the same time. I didn’t know which one I wanted to do in college.”

You had some injuries in high school. How frustrating was that and how much did that set you back?

“I had foot surgery at the beginning of my freshman, sophomore and junior years of high school. So I had some injuries I was dealing with and not knowing why I kept getting hurt. I also didn’t realize colleges were recruiting players at such a young age. I wasn’t recruited until my junior year.”

Then Pepperdine came to the rescue?

“Yeah, they came and offered me a scholarship and I was so excited. And the rest is history.”

How did Pepperdine end up recruiting you?

“San Bernardino, which is a D-3 school, saw me play. They looked into my grades and everything and saw that they were good so they contacted Pepperdine and said ‘Hey this girl is too good for us. You should take a look at her.’ They drove down one night and saw one of our practices, then invited me up to the campus and it was a match. It all happened really fast.”

There seems to be a lot of change going on with the U.S. women’s national team. Is it exciting to be a part of that?

“Yeah, it’s so exciting. It’s been my dream for so long. I thought I might have missed my time with all the injuries and everything so when I got the call it was so surreal. And every time I get called in I am so honored. I’m still shocked that I’m part of the team. It’s amazing.”