FUEL Soccer Talk for 9/18: Brunch Recipes, Spectacular Goals, and Soccer Academy Recruiting

FUEL Soccer Talk for 9/19: Messi’s Penalty Kicks, Severe Weather Prep, and Good Samaritans

Today we look at Lionel Messi’s penalty kicks, some severe weather updates and preperations hitting youth soccer, and good samaritans in soccer.

It’s another beautiful Wednesday, we’re halfway to game time this weekend. Here’s a look at some of the topics that are fueling our conversations this morning.

1. Messi identifies one area of his game he still needs to improve to become the best ever (Source)

The pro scene isn’t our main focus here at FUEL Soccer HQ, but this one jumped out at us. Apparently demigod footballer is still not playing to his maximum potential.

“I would like to be much more effective on penalty kicks. Practising them is not the same as taking them in a game,” said Messi.

It’s fascinating to think that one of the greatest players of his generation still has specific plays and maneuvers he needs to work on. Every one of us knows where we’re best, our best positions, our best plays. But how often do we focus on the areas where we’re weakest?

Never Stop: What areas of your own play need improvement? 

2. College soccer games affected by Hurricane Florence (Source)

While many of these delays and cancellations happened last week (and good on the schools for reacting so quickly!), we’re still talking about it this week. Many of the games from the 11th through the 16th were simply not re-scheduled, for various reasons. For example, William & Mary Tribe Athletics‘ game, originally re-scheduled last week, was ultimately cancelled outright.

This has us thinking about how players, parents, and teams each prepare and respond to these inclement weather events. Even something you can see coming like a hurricane can have unpredictable results on your season.

Be Prepared: How does your team or organization deal with weather and scheduling? How are preparations and plans shared and communicated with parents, coaches, and players?

3. A pair of stories that made us smile (Source 1 & Source 2)

The first story comes from the NBC affiliate in San Diego. They brought us the story of Juan Camilo Salazar.

And next up is this story from Susan Payne, “Soccer team’s effort to support its members becomes larger effort to spread kindness”

She reports on a middle school soccer club, Reign, in Council Bluffs, and their effort to show support for a victim of violent crime:

Initially, Reign Coach Ryan Osborn and several parents from the team wanted to show support for Mackenzie and her mother, so they decided to make custom shirts for the team in honor of Tibbetts.

Proceeds from the shirt sales were donated to Tibbetts’ family, designated to the scholarship created in her name. Once the shirts were revealed to Kvammen and her daughter, the team wanted to do more, according to Stacy Nelson, a parent of one of the players.

It’s an awesome example of how your soccer team can be more than just the people you play the game with.

Love of the Game: There’s no bigger thought here, we just love how soccer can bring people together in exciting and touching ways.