FUEL Soccer Talk for 11/8: Tips for Soccer Coaches, High School Highlights, and Elastico Guide

Today we’re looking at some helpful tips for soccer practices just for soccer coaches, some highlights from the world of high school soccer, and ELASTICO!

It is officially Thursday and as we glide through the rest of this week, here are some interesting soccer tips and an amazing youth soccer highlight!

1. Five tips for Youth Soccer coaches on how to run an effective practice (Stack)

As a youth soccer coach, you have the ability to positively affect young lives through teamwork and hard work. To create a beneficial yet enjoyable soccer practice experience for your team, there are five key essential tips strongly encouraged to follow.

  1. Always bring & demonstrate a positive attitude
  2. Don’t expect to identify on your team the next Pelé
  3. Let them play & keep it simple
  4. Playing time is what matters, not the score
  5. Demonstrate communication between both kids & parents
“You don’t need fancy training apparatus to train youth soccer players.”

During practices, focusing on each player’s development and demeanor is the essential end goal. As a coach, of course you teach them to play in order to win, but the outcomes of the games are not the most important takeaway for the young players. Making sure to teach the children the sport and how to enjoy it is the main reason they will stick with the sport and show improvement.

How do you think practices can be structured to foster enjoyment for young players?

2. Blake High School in Minnesota scores unbelievable goal in double OT (YouTube)

Watch this amazing highlight from the State Championship soccer game between Blake and Bemidji High School.

Blake High School wins state championship title in double overtime, scoring a goal off the kickoff!

What is the craziest goal you’ve ever seen?

3. Everyone wants to improve their game, improve yours by adding the skill “Elastico” to your move pool

What is the 1 v 1 move that you use most frequently in a game?