FUEL Soccer Talk for 9/28: Football vs Soccer, Team Rivalries, and Mental Health

FUEL Soccer Talk 12/4: New Stack Sports Partnership, Wylan Cyprien’s Goal, and Preparing for Next Season

This morning we’re looking at the new partnership between Eastern Pennsylvania and Stack Sports, an incredible goal from Wylan Cyprien, and looking ahead to next season.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the stories we have gathered for today

1. Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer And Stack Sports Announce A Technology Partnership (Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer)

Stack Sports is the largest and fastest growing provider of sports technology. There are many great benefits resulting from this partnership including easier and simplified registration, an app suite with analytical tools, and streamlined websites.

Matt Moran, VP of Soccer for Stack Sports says:

“Our goal at Stack Sports is to revolutionize youth sports and build technology solutions that were never thought possible just a few years ago in partnership with leading youth sports organizations.”

The advantages in regards to the technological aspect of this partnership are very impactful, in addition to this, due to the partnership all of these services will be provided to the Eastern Pennsylvania leagues and clubs at a reduced cost or no cost. It’s great to see the transfer of technology permeate to all levels of sports.

If you could have one piece of technology to help your team what would it be?

2. Amazing Teamwork Leads to Wylan Cyprien Goal

Truly spectacular teamwork on display. A perfectly curved pass leads to a great cross and a soft touch over the goalie for the goal.

3. 4 Ways You Can Prepare For Your Child’s Soccer Season (GoKid)

It’s always good to start preparing early for the upcoming season. Spring soccer will be here before you know it, so here are some tips on how to prepare:

1: Start Shopping for Gear

Proper gear is essential. If the child has played before, check to see if their old gear fits or if they have outgrown their old gear. Contact the coach to see what the child will need for the upcoming season like cleats, shin pads, etc. To have the best selection, make sure to start shopping early.

2: Begin Practicing

Keep your child active before the season, make some fun practices outside and get them used to the outdoors. Have the whole family participate in some small soccer games or have them play a crossbar challenge here and there. Get them to not only be ready for the new season, but to also love the game.

3: Find a Carpooling Solution

We have talked about carpooling here before and we recommend you go check that article out so that you can come up with an efficient manner in which to transport the players to the game. In fact, the linked article has an app that sets up carpools with other parents, to make it easier to plan.

4: Organize Schedules

Organization is key to a soccer season. Utilize whatever is at your fingertips, Google Calendar is a great way to look forward and schedule the whole season in advanced.  

What are some of your tips to get ready for a game/season?