FUEL Soccer Talk for 11/5: Youth Players in Cave, MLS Cup Playoff Highlights, and Vision Research

Today we’re talking about the latest interview with the Thai youth players stuck in the cave, an awesome highlight from the MLS Cup Playoffs, and more!

Happy Monday! We hope all your games went well over the weekend, check out some of the stories we’re discussing today.

1. Thai Youth Soccer Team Members Trapped in Cave ‘Always Had Hope’ During Weeks-Long Ordeal (People)

Ellen DeGeneres met with the incredibly brave Thai Youth Soccer team who were stranded in a flooding cave in Northern Thailand while on a field trip back in July of this year.

“The team had been exploring the Tham Luang Nang Non cave complex in northern Thailand on June 23rd when heavy rains and rising floodwaters blocked the team’s path, leaving the group unable to get out.”

The boys were able to keep calm and meditate, this allowed them to conserve their energy while being trapped and allowed enough time for a rescue team to retrieve each boy one by one. None of the boys knew how to swim, but they were all taken out of the cave safely and the Thailand health department reports that they are all in good condition.

“The group, who are all part of a youth soccer team and range in age from 12 to 17, told DeGeneres through a translator that they’re feeling “healthy” and “fine” just months later.”

On a positive note, DeGeneres surprised the team with a visit from L.A. Galaxy’s Zlatan Ibrahimović, who is the team’s favorite soccer player. He expressed to the youth soccer team how brave they were using teamwork and patience. Describing them as “probably the best team in the world”.

An incredible and moving story for everyone to share. If you met this courageous soccer team, what would be a question you would ask them?

2. Great Ball Movement Leads to Albert Rusnák scoring his first career MLS Cup Playoff Goal (FOX Soccer)

In a tied MLS Cup Playoff game between Real Salt Lake and Sporting KC, Albert Rusnák scores a stunning goal after great ball movement from his team.

An absolute strike from Albert Rusnák. This MLS Cup Playoff game finished 1-1.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the MLS Cup?

3. New Research Shows That Young Soccer Players Should Devote More Time into Learning Proper Field Vision (UPI)

Spending less time working on ball skills and more time learning to scan the field can benefit youth soccer players skills.

“Often, youth soccer coaches emphasize balls skills: dribbling, passing and shooting. But new analysis by sports psychologists at the universities of Chichester, Portsmouth and Limerick suggests more time should be spent learning to read the game and interpret the playing field.”

When combining a players spatial awareness along with their soccer intelligence and ball skills, coaches can then enhance their players skillset.

“By developing both a player’s ball skills, as well as their spatial awareness and soccer intelligence — their “football vision” — coaches can help young soccer players to combine skill and gameplay.”

Scanning can be best practiced by altering pitch size, utilizing a different number of players, or even using different colored apparel.

What do you think would be a good tactic to further develop field vision among youth soccer players?