FUEL Soccer Talk for 9/20: Training Motivation, Local Soccer Supply Stores, and FIFA 19

Today we’re talking about the motivation and mindset to approach training, local retailers of sporting goods, and FIFA 19’s release reviews.

It’s Thursday, that means the weekend is in sight! Are you ready to play this weekend?

Here’s the stories driving our conversations this morning.

1. Training With ‘Intent’ Is a Concept Too Many Young Athletes Fail to Appreciate (Source)

This first story comes to us from athletic trainer Daimond Dixon. He writes at about what it means to approach your training with “intention.” It’s not simply going through your regimen for the sake of it, but rather staying conscious of your goals, and the ultimate purpose of the workout.

The competitive athletes are different. They show up at the same workout, follow the same workout program, but are competitive as they do it. They think of the connection between what they’re doing in training and what they do in their sport.

Dixon is careful to note that training with intention isn’t simply a matter of training more.

We often equate outworking someone with performing more sets and reps than them and working out longer than them. But that’s often a recipe for overtraining and diminishing returns.

Personal Training: Think about the individual pieces of your training program. What is the purpose of each piece, and are you “intentionally” approaching those exercises with a goal?

2. Knoxville’s Soccer Post closing after decade of supplying young players (Source)

This is a story we are sadly seeing too often. And while internet retailers out-competing mom-and-pop stores isn’t just a youth athletics phenomenon, it’s important to remember what you can’t get from the online giants: product knowledge.

Jim Gaines write this in the Knoxville News Sentinel:

While he can buy many things online, newcomers to the game may not know what to order, he said. The Rhodes’ knowledge and personal service made the difference, Anderson said. When the number fell off his son’s jersey, Austin Rhodes came in after business hours to reattach it, Anderson said.

It’s easy to forget that we were all new once, and these local retailers and others like them provided their expertise to help countless people enter the game.

Knowledge Base: Who is your go-to source for expert soccer knowledge? Who is your mentor you turn to when you have a question or need?

3. FIFA 19 review: the best soccer sim on the planet keeps getting better (Source)

When we aren’t talking about soccer, training for soccer, or playing soccer, how do we unwind? We play soccer video games, of course! The annual release of Electronic Arts’ FIFA series is just over a week away, and the early reviews are starting to trickle out.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln writes at Tech Radar:

Talking of The Journey, FIFA 19 sees the third and final entry in the single player story mode that sees protagonist Alex Hunter’s odyssey from amateur prodigy to football icon. Entitled The Journey: Champions, it’s the biggest and most ambitious chapter yet with Alex’s road to glory in Europe intertwined with rival Danny William’s career in the Premier League and half-sister Kim Hunter’s entrance onto the global stage as part of USA’s Women’s World Cup Squad.

But story mode isn’t the only thing it has going for it. There’s even some highly demanded new features for the hardcore crowd:

Series veterans will also be singing from the stands thanks to the arrival of Dynamic Tactics. The much asked-for feature is very much for FIFA diehards rather than casual users, but it offers a frightening level of tactical agency both pre and mid-match. You can completely re-write formations and tactical setups, so if you want an almost Football Manager-esque level of control of the style of your entire squad, this is the kind of addition that’s going to keep you playing FIFA 19 beyond the chaotic No Rules mode.

FIFA 19 is available September 28 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Free Time: What’s your favorite way to engage with the game when you’re not actually playing soccer? What’s your favorite soccer-themed merch?