Faces of the Game

Player of the Month — Dominiq From Kentwood, Mich.

Dominiq’s grades are impeccable, yet he strives to do more.

Dominiq is an exceptional student athlete, an amazing teammate and a remarkable individual. He works hard during practice with Michigan Fire Juniors, not only to improve his personal skills, but to also improve as a teammate. Currently, he is a regular starter on his team and is just as happy to assist a teammate as he is to score himself, and he never leaves a practice without thanking his coach and shaking his hand. When he’s not at practice, or doing homework, he’s in the weight room, at the track or working out at home. Dominiq’s grades are impeccable, yet he strives to do more, learn more and is constantly pushing himself. None of this, in and of itself, is outstanding when comparing him to like-minded athletes. However, Dominq does all of this while battling fatigue, symptoms and treatment that come with having both Crohn’s disease and colitis. He would be the first to tell you, “I don’t suffer from IBD. It’s what I have, but it’s not who I am.” His attitude is always positive and is rooted in faith. He treats teachers, fellow students, teammates, coaches and referees with respect and has been commended for it on numerous occasions.