US Youth Soccer: Rebranding the Preeminent Youth Sport in the Country

By Dan Guttenplan

US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sport organization in the United States, this spring completed a redesign of its brand. The refreshed look and feel reflects the organization’s commitment to making soccer the preeminent youth sport in the country.

The five themes for the rebrand include US Youth Soccer’s commitment to:

  • Developing the player and growing the game
  • Creating a path for every player
  • Inclusion, friendship and team-building
  • Instilling a love for the game
  • Leading the future of soccer

SME, a strategic branding agency specializing in identity development, guided the US Youth Soccer rebrand which was supported by hundreds of hours of stakeholder interviews, positioning research, strategic planning and creative execution, all culminating in a rebranding journey that took nearly two years.

“When we built this brand, we had to make sure it reflected the fact that US Youth Soccer is the preeminent youth sports organization in the country,” said SME Managing Director Conor O’Flaherty. “It’s a brand that’s trusted. It points the path forward for youth soccer, with US Youth Soccer leading the way.”

The brand redesign was a collaborative and inclusive process comprised of several US Youth Soccer members and staff, resulting in a new masterbrand that showcases the following elements:

The Shield: A badge of honor that signifies US Youth Soccer’s leadership status within youth soccer.

The Stripes: Pays homage to America’s independence and US Youth Soccer’s collective goal of leading the future of soccer in the United States.

The Letters: Bold and strong to represent US Youth Soccer’s stability and unity.

The Ball: Places the sport we love at the center of everything we do.

To complement the rebranding efforts, US Youth Soccer will launch a progressive new marketing campaign designed to engage its members, enhance player and fan experiences at national and regional events and grow the game throughout the country. These marketing efforts will feature a phased approach, but new content will start rolling out immediately on the organization’s website, social and digital platforms and will continue throughout 2021.

“This is how we’ll communicate with clubs, parents, players, referees, and anyone associated with US Youth Soccer,” O’Flaherty said. “How do we inspire the next generation of players? Once we engage them, how do we make them want to play youth soccer?

“We want to teach the public about how to embody that path for players,” O’Flaherty said. “We want to be there for you if your club is interested in excelling or advancing the sport. Our job is take our brand and communicate it across the youth soccer landscape.”

For more information on US Youth Soccer, visit USYouthSoccer.org or connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.