Workout of the Month: Chris Brennan, Bowling Green

By Terry Jacoby

Chris Brennan had an impressive freshman season in 2016 for the Bowling Green Falcons. The Copley, Ohio native finished second on the team in scoring in his first collegiate season with 12 points on the year after playing in all 19 matches.

A three-time All-Ohio First-Team selection, Brennan was named Ohio’s Mr. Soccer in Division I in 2014. He left Copley HS as the all-time leading scorer with 76 goals and 35 assists (187 points).

He played club soccer for seven years with Team Challenger Crew Juniors out of Medina, Ohio. “We won two State Cups and went to Regionals two or three times,” he said. “In club soccer everyone has a common goal and that’s to get better as soccer players and play as a team,” he said. “That environment really fueled my desire to get better.”

Getting better also includes working out and for Brennan that includes a variety of different workouts.

“Now we get our workouts planned out for us but before that I believed in running a lot to stay in shape,” he said. “I would mix it up. Two or three times a week I would run at night and go for about three or four miles. During the day I would run track intervals and go over to my high schools and work on sprints on the turf field. We also have a hill on the side of our high school stadium and I would use that for running up and down hills.”

He would also hit the weight room.

“I would lift weights two or three times a week but my focus wasn’t on getting big,” he said. “It was more on getting fit. Being in shape is one of the most important parts of the game.”

In the weight room, he focuses on the entire body. And while he works on his core every day, he lightens up on the weights during the season. You don’t want to get hurt lifting weights because then you are letting your teammates down when you get injured outside of regular workouts.”


3 Tips for Maximizing Workouts
Bring a stopwatch.
When Brennan goes out on his night runs (3-4 miles) he always brings a stop watch. “I time myself not to try and get faster, but to make sure I’m running at a decent pace,” he says. “They are more light runs but I still want to maintain a good pace.”

Check your heart rate. Brennan says the strength and conditioning staff at BGSU “times pretty much everything we do fitness wise.” “We also wear heart-rate monitors to test our heart rate and try to get to a certain number which shows how hard we are working,” he says. “The coaches will use the data to help determine how hard to push us the next workout.”

Stretch. “Stretching is something you should never take for granted,” Brennan says. “The older you get the more important it is to stretch and be loose. You can’t just hit the field at full speed. You need to take an extra 15 to 20 minutes and stretch because it reduces strain on the body and decreases the risk of injury.”