FUEL Soccer Talk for 11/9: US Youth Soccer Olympic Development, Servette FC Highlights, and Shooting Skills

Today we’re looking at the latest pick for the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development program, some cool highlights from Servette FC, and tips for improving your shooting game!

1. Fon Du Lac’s Carson Kelly selected for U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (FDL Reporter)

The U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program or ODP for short was created to scout and identify players to that would be on the national team. Players must go through an arduous process to even make the team.

To be selected for the ODP program, athletes are invited to local tryouts. There were three tryouts in Wisconsin — in Appleton, Madison and Milwaukee. From there, athletes are selected for a pool of about 30 people to compete for their state. They practice together and play different states from their region. Finally, from that pool, 18 athletes are selected to play for one of the four regions — Midwest, North, South and West.

 Carson has worked hard to ge where he is. His father when asked about the selection had this to say:

I’m amazed,” Shawn said. “It’s satisfying to see a young kid without really pushing have a passion for something like this. All he wants to do is live, eat and breathe soccer.

What are some habits you could establish now if you want to make the National Team?

2. Servette FC displays excellent ball movement sparked by a nutmeg and scores (Twitter)

What may be more impressive than the nutmeg is the display of teamwork needed to smoothly transition the ball forward.

What is the best display of ball movement you have seen from a team?  

3. Teaching Youth Soccer Players of all ages essential basic shooting skills (Stack)

Youth soccer players can have a bad habit of sending the ball high above the crossbar or shooting dribblers with little power. It is very rare when a player can pursue a strong and well-aimed shot. The rarity of this happening comes from young soccer players not mastering basic shooting techniques.

“It starts with placing your plant foot about even with the ball.
As you approach the ball, focus on keeping your shoulders and head down and overtop the ball to keep your shot on target. Leaning back on contact will cause the ball to fly.
Strike the ball with your toe down and ankle locked, making contact on the top-inside position of your foot (right about where the laces are located on most cleats).
By ankle locked, I mean your foot is firm and stable through contact as opposed to flimsy.
Allow your body to twist through the ball to generate additional torque and power.
Always aim for a target inside the net, be it real or imaginary.
Practice taking shots with both your left and right feet.
Once you’re confident with a stationary ball, you can have a partner roll you the ball with a short pass so you can work on striking a moving target.”

By following this guideline to improve your basic shooting skills, young players will demonstrate an easier way of finding the net. Mastering the basics is essential to winning the game.

After reading the breakdown, did your basic shooting technique improve?