FUEL Soccer Talk for 11/21: Largest Sport Safety Initiative, Servette Highlights, and 20 Team Snacks

FUEL Soccer Talk for 11/21: Largest Sport Safety Initiative, Servette Highlights, and 20 Team Snacks

Today we look at US Youth Soccer’s historic sport safety initiative, an incredible goal from the Servettes, and 20 Team Snacks perfect for practice.

Today is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy these stories we have prepared for you!

1. U.S. Youth Soccer has announced their largest youth sport safety initiative ever (SoccerWire)

Last week, U.S. Youth Soccer decided to place a renewed focus on player safety and wellness as a core responsibility by incorporating accessible technology. This decision was made due to the fact that some youth sport organizations are struggling to balance player development and player safety. U.S. Youth Soccer is taking a proactive “safety first” mindset with its members, volunteers, and administrators.

To begin this commitment, the organization is making the US Youth Soccer Athlete Incident Management System (AIMS) available to all youth soccer organizations. AIMS is a digital platform that is designed to assist with the delivery and tracking completion of state and federal safety education mandates for over 600,000 volunteers and 3 million parents.

“The InjureFree platform reduces the associated administrative and logistical burdens and is a critical partner in establishing the gold standard for player health and safety for children as they participate in athletics in this country.”

There are currently 15 soccer associations across America that have committed to implementing the US Youth Soccer AIM System.

Once a US Youth Soccer member state association decides to join the AIM online platform, AIM connects their clubs and teams with local health care providers to deliver quality care within 24 to 48 hours after a young player gets hurt on the field..

“US Youth Soccer Chair, Dr. Pete Zopfi, says, “US Youth Soccer is committed to keeping kids safe while playing soccer and I am confident that the US Youth Soccer AIM System will play a significant role in our efforts to grow the game while supporting the national initiative to place a truly great team on the field when we host the World Cup in 2026.”

What do you think about U.S. Youth Soccer Associations concern towards player safety? Do you believe AIM could be an effective system?

2. Amazing ball movement, which starts with a Nutmeg, leads to Servette FC goal (The F2)

Great ball movement with smooth passing that began with a nutmeg. This is a great display of teamwork to get the much deserved goal.

The finish was tough but it added to the beauty of the play as a whole. A great goal by Servette FC

3. Real Mom Nutrition provides 20 healthy team snacks to make for practice (Real Mom Nutrition)

Sally is a registered dietitian and mom. She advocates for fruit-and-water team snacks in order for youth players to enjoy refreshing and healthy practice snacks. She describes plenty of fruit and veggie ideas that make these foods easy to bring to games and it is very food allergy friendly! Sally explains how making fruit and veggie team snacks can be very simple and even fun.

Whole Fruit:
-Bananas (Budget friendly)

Cut Fruit:
-Orange slices
-Watermelon cut into wedges or sticks
-Fruit kebabs with grapes, melon and strawberries
-Mango “hedgehogs”

Fruit & Veggies TO GO:
-Paper cups of berries
-Individual bags of baby carrots (look for these in the store by the regular carrots)
-Baggies of sliced peppers and celery sticks
-Snack-size baggies of melon
-Small paper bags of grapes
-Paper cup or baggie of cherries
-Small boxes of raisins
-Prepackaged blueberries
-Cups of sugar snap peas (nice and sweet!)
-Cups of pineapple chunks

Do you have any healthy snack ideas for practices?